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23 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Expressions (Ungkapan)

Blogdope.comContoh-contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Expression atau Ungkapan. Dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari, seringkali kita menemukan beragam bentuk kalimat ungkapan.

Kalimat ungkapan dipakai manakala seseorang ingin menyampaikan perasaan atau pemikirannya kepada orang lain.

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Expressions atau Ungkapan

contoh soal tentang expressions bahasa inggris
23 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Expressions (Ungkapan)

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Ungkapan juga terdapat dalam bahasa Inggris. Kita mengenalnya dengan istilah expressions.

Nah, pada kesempatan ini admin BlogDope.com akan menyajikan contoh-contoh soal bahasa Inggris yang terkait dengan expressions atau ungkapan.

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Contoh Soal Expressions Bahasa Inggris yang Penting Dipelajari

Berikut ini contoh soal tentang expressions bahasa Inggris selengkapnya.

Soal Nomor 1

Mrs. Tutu: Hi, good morning. Is your mother at home?

Rani: Yes. She’s in the kitchen now…..

A. She tried to fix the stove.

B. She will be frying some eggs.

C. She has just washed the dishes.

D. She is preparing our breakfast.

E. She was preparing our breakfast.

Soal Nomor 2

Samuel : How long it will take for my order to be delivered?

Yoga : Approximately three days. If there is a delay ….at once.

A. They would be informed.

B. You would have got it.

C. You will be notified.

D. They will be sent.

E. They should be sent at once.

Soal Nomor 3

Ms. Unit: Listen! Someone is knocking at door. ….?

Toni : Yes, right away ma’am.

A. Did you meet him?

B. Will you open it?

C. Have you tried it?

D. Do you know it?

E. May I open it?

Soal Nomor 4

Rafi : To be healthy, I usually have a walk every morning. What about you?

Tony : Yes, I always swim once a week.

A. Do you like jogging?

B. Do you do some sport

C. Will you go to the beach?

D. Have you seen the doctor?

E. Would you like to accompany me?

Soal Nomor 5

Receptionist : Good morning, Nirvana Hotel. Can I help you?

Caller : Room 1023, please.

Receptionist : I’m sorry, there is no answer. ….?

A. What can I do for you?

B. How do you spell it?

C. Can I take a message?

D. He is not in at the moment

E. May I leave a message?

Soal Nomor 6

Peter : So, what shall we do this evening?

Sally : …. besides we are totally broke.

Peter : Oh no! Not again.

A.Let’s go to the café

B. Why don’t we eat out?

C. We’d better stay at home

D. What about seeing the movie

E. What about shopping?

Soal Nomor 7

A waiter : Good evening….

A customer: Sure, what do you have tonight?

A. Do you like to eat?

B. Can you do me a favor?

C. Could I show you the menu?

D. Would you like to bring something?

E. Can you help me?

Soal Nomor 8

Luong : I’m thinking about quitting my studies.

Bertha : Are you serious? What’s going on?

Luong : I need to help my family’s financial problem….

A. I don’t want to work for a bigger company.

B. I’m thinking about getting myself a job.

C. I’m thinking about becoming a good student.

D. I’m bored with my bad scores.

E. I am looking for a scholarship

Soal Nomor 9

Indira: Did you listen to the breaking news last night? ….Lots of people were trapped by flames.

Danny: How terrible. Hope some of them are still alive.

A. An earthquake damaged the monument.

B. The flood destroyed many houses.

C. Two taxi drivers were robbed by their passengers.

D. A big fire broke out in a shopping center.

E. A landslide made the city paralyzed.

Soal Nomor 10

Mr. Anwar : Do you know why Anita is absent today?

Ana : ….She went home earlier yesterday. She looked so pale.

A. She might be unwell.

B. She has been here too long.

C. She may come back tomorrow.

D. She will take her sister to the doctor.

E. She is going to go out of town.

Soal Nomor 11

Peter: Have you seen Miss Jane?

Mary: She is her office now … We will have monthly meeting this afternoon.

A. She met some clients.

B. She is preparing a report.

C. She was checking documents.

D. She has attended the conference.

E. She has prepared some documents.

Soal Nomor 12

Devi : I don’t have enough money to pay this computer. If you lend me 1.500.000 rupiahs.

Yenta : With pleasure.

Devi : Thanks, I’ll pay back tomorrow.

A. I won’t buy that one.

B. I would be pleased.

C. I will get the new one.

D. I would have been all right.

E. I would have bought that one.

Soal Nomor 13

Jack: I am going to Lombok next week and I would love to take some pictures. ….?

Rudy: Sure, but please take care of it.

A. May I buy your pocket camera?

B. Can I lend you my mobile phone?

C. Would you give your digital lens?

D. Could you take some pictures?

E. May I lend you the pocket camera?

Soal Nomor 14

Bob : So, tell me a little about your brother! What does he do?

Randy : He works as computer specialist.

Bob : Really? What is his main activity?

Randy : …..

A. He had repaired computer

B. He is programming computer

C. He repairs and maintains computer

D. He will create new computer program

E. He is designing a computer

Soal Nomor 15

Mila: Have you decided what to order?

Nabila: Not yet but I need something to quench my starving.

Mila: Well…

A. Can we have some orange juice?

B. What about trying some fruit salad?

C. Why don’t you eat this special fried rice?

D. Would you like to order strawberry ice cream?

E. I think you should go to sleep now.

Soal Nomor 16

Waiter : Excuse me, sir….?

Alga : Yes, sure. I’d like a glass of vanilla milkshake with strawberry ice cream on it.

A. Do you want to bring some food?

B. Would you like to order now?

C. What would you like to eat?

D. Shall I get you the menu?

E. May I have the menu?

Soal Nomor 17

May: How about Turkey Restaurant after work? I’ll treat you.

Raina: Sounds great. …. There around six.

A. I will invite you.

B. I will meet you.

C. I am going to finish work.

D. I am going to take taxi.

E. I won’t meet you

Soal Nomor 18

Sarah : What happened to you?

Egan : ….I put them in my car.

Sarah : Oh really? I’m sorry to hear that.

A. Some documents were stolen.

B. The books were stacked.

C. Some novels were bought.

D. The bags were purchased.

E. Some documents are stolen

Soal Nomor 19

Caca : Why is your room so hot?

Charlie : I think the problem is that…..

A. The fan is operated

B. The door is opened

C. The air conditioner is broken

D. The window isn’t shut down

E. The air conditioner is on

Soal Nomor 20

Herman : We will have a final test soon.

Hasty : How about starting a study club? So we can have a discussion on the lesson that we don’t understand.

Herman : Yeah,

A. That’s an excellent idea.

B. I have no idea about it.

C. I’m not sure about it.

D. I don’t think so.

E. I absolutely disagree

Soal Nomor 21

Melany : What is your activity during weekend?

Rayna : …. I love sight-seeing.

A. I like to stay at home.

B. I often hang out with my friends.

C. I sometimes go to the workshop.

D. I spend my time in the hospital.

E. I have a lot of things to do

Soal Nomor 22

Yogi: I have to pay for my school tuition fees, but my parents haven’t sent me the money. What should I do?

Ova: ….

Yogi: Thank you, you are really a good friend.

A. Would you care lend me some

B. Would you like to borrow it from me?

C. Could you do it for me?

D. Could you pay it for me?

E. Could you treat me please?

Soal Nomor 23

Ira: What will the students perform?

Ina: …. They want to preserve the cultural heritage.

A. They just saw a modern dance.

B. They are going to perform traditional dance.

C. The students performed ‘Break’ dance.

D. The students are listening to a ‘Rap’ music.

E. They were performing a traditional dance.

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